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Environmentally Friendly Waste Management

The E-BAG is a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for yard, renovation and residential construction waste. It is a poly woven heavy duty 9 yard bag designed to withstand all your waste needs and is 3 times larger than other waste disposal bags on the market. We make every effort to recycle all of our waste with the help of the refuse sites located in your city.

Serving Edmonton, Calgary & Surrounding Areas Since 2005
Bags Uses:

  • Fall & Spring Cleanup
  • Landscaping
  • Renovations
  • Furniture & Junk
  • Trees & Bushes
  • Home, Basement, and Shed Garbage

Bags Over Bins:

  • 9 Yard Bags = 3 Full ½ Ton Truck Loads of Garbage
  • 50’ Extendable Crane Arm Gives Flexibility in Bag Placement
  • No Down Time for Your Project – Bags Are Emptied On Location
  • No Daily or Hidden Fees

ECO Group is a full service bag delivery, setup, empty and removal recycling garbage disposal business. Our professionals will come to your home and setup the heavy duty E-BAG frame and bag in your most convenient location (safety permitting) and install the bag. As your bag nears capacity, give us a call. Whereas most rental waste bins need to be removed from your property completely to be emptied and brought back, our bags are emptied into a service truck at your home and you’re ready to start filling again. This means there is no down time in your project schedule.

Our service trucks are equipped with a 50 foot extension arm which gives the unique ability to place your waste disposal bag almost exactly where you need it. The option to have the bag located between houses, over fences, or front and back yards make the removal of your waste very easy. Another advantage of the E-BAG is that unlike metal garbage bins, we can place your bag on any grass surface. Your driveway and front street will remain clear and accessible to vehicles at all times.

The “ECO” in ECO Group comes from the focus on sustainability and recycling of materials put in the E-BAG. Lumber and drywall is often thrown out but can easily be recycled. The recycled materials will be diverted from the landfill and delivered to a drywall recycling and soil amendment company to be supplied to farmers to assist them grow their crops in a more environmentally sustainable manner.

ECO Group services Edmonton and the surrounding areas of Leduc, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Spuce Grove, Stony Plain and Devon. Our Calgary division also extends to the surrounding areas of Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, Okotoks and High River. Serving areas out of major metropolitan centers require extra travel for our team and thus an additional charge may be applicable to your garbage disposal bag order.

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5651-70 Street • Edmonton • AB, T6B 3P6
#9, 4600-5 Street • Calgary • AB, T2E 7C3